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window cleaning serviceDirty windows are an unpleasant sight to behold, not to mention a possible health hazard if they’re encrusted with layers of dirt. The dirt also blocks most of the light from outside entering the room, which can make your place of home or workplace lighting a bit dismal. What’s the solution to this? Hiring Orkopina of course!

What We Do

Professional window cleaning is no joke, and unlike other companies, this is something we are extremely aware of. Our window cleaning services are the best in the area, for the simple reason that we are absolutely dedicated to making your windows free of spots and streaks. Our crew wastes no time in going to work removing the dust and dirt from your windows and leaving you with crystal clear windows when they are finished.

Why Window Cleaning

Why is regular window cleaning essential, you may ask. Glass, being a porous substance, can start breaking down from contact with accumulated dirt. You get the worst of this in winter. Hard minerals, oxides, sea spray and paint remnants do no favors to your windows’ glass. Removing these contaminants frequently is the best way to safeguard the integrity of the glass.

Types of Windows

Like you probably guessed, our professionals could handle all types of windows such as single pane, French pane, double pane, solariums, etc. We carry the proper equipment for a specific type of window, which can be used to perform a thorough cleaning.

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

Cleaning the outside of your windows is just as important as cleaning the inside, if not more. We offer exterior window cleaning service, using eco-friendly solutions that can bring out the maximum sparkle from your windows. Book now or call today for more information

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