Commercial Cleaning Service

commercial cleaning serviceMaintaining a clean office is essential if you want to keep employee productivity and attendance at a high. Some businesses may be too small to justify hiring a dedicated janitor for cleaning needs, and in these cases, a commercial cleaning service like Orkopina can be the best answer to the problem.

This option serves up desirable aspects such as professionalism and integrity, with the added benefit of your business being viewed as a long-term client. That last bit incentivizes a professional service such as ours to provide much more than just the bare minimum you pay for. Your complete satisfaction is the goal we set for ourselves, and strive to achieve.

Every office is unique, and almost invariably requires performing specialized tasks to keep it clean and disinfected, besides the usual routine that is common to all workplaces. That includes floor stripping, floor cleaning, and waxing. Our cleaning crew employs efficient practices aimed at achieving the highest levels of cleanliness inside the last amount of time. This is something any customer is sure to appreciate. Knowing that your office cleaning needs are being expertly met leaves you and your employees in the clear to focus on your work.

Cleaning service can be scheduled to be carried out according to your preference for timing and frequency, such as daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

Book now or call us to learn more about our office cleaning services. Our contracts are friendly to even the most modest budgets, so do not hesitate to call us and discuss your options. We would need to evaluate the space first though for pricing.

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