Carpet Cleaning Services

carpet cleaning serviceWe all know how the accumulation of dust on the rugs and carpet at your home bring a bad impact to the residents, in particular to those who suffer from breathing issues, asthma, or snoring. A normal cleaning process might not be able to remove all the dust and other unwanted particles from your carpet and this is why you should seek the help of a professional cleaning service to do the job for you.

The carpet cleaning service offered by our professional staff members will give a long-lasting, healthier, and deeper cleaning result. We do not use any harsh detergents or chemicals to bring the desired outcome, as we duly understand the fact that the use of harsh chemicals can be harmful to not only the rugs but also the occupants.

Rug Cleaning Service

The gentle cleaning and careful drying process offered by our expert cleaning members will preserve the dye in the fibers of your rug. This will bring a bright, clean, and fresh look to your rug and make them look a lot more attractive. Additionally, the cleaning process will also extend the life of your rugs.

Specialty Spot Removal

A spilled cup of juice or coffee may have left a tough and undesirable stain on your carpet, rugs, or furniture. These stains can make the interior of your home look very much unattractive. The trained technicians at Original Orkopina have experience in dealing with different sorts of stains and they are more than willing to take up the challenge of removing stains from your rugs, furniture, and carpets.

Water Damage Restoration

The primary concern of Original Orkopina is the health and safety of our customers and their family members. Even the slightest amount of water damage can result in serious structural damages and mold growth under the carpets. This is why we implement necessary safety precautions while cleaning your home to prevent any sort of water damage.

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