Bathroom Cleaning Service

bathroom cleaning serviceMany homeowners often complain that cleaning the bathroom in their home is one of the most irritating household tasks. If you hate this chore, or if you are unable to do it because of your busy schedule, then call Orkopina professional cleaning service, located in Mountain View, Ca.

Our experienced team from our house cleaning services will remove all the items from the bathtub, shower, and from the floors of your bathroom. We will then thoroughly dust and sweep the bathroom area and pick up the debris and hair that might have accumulated on the floor.

We use eco-friendly cleaning agents and apply it on the bathtub and on the shower. This process will remove unwanted dirt and other materials from the shower and bathtub and make them look a lot more fresh and clean.

Our cleaning experts will lightly scrub away the loose dirt and other unnecessary buildups from the walls, floors, and all parts of the bathroom in your house. When done, we will replace all the items that were removed earlier and wipe them to ensure that they look clean. In addition to that, we will also mop the floor and tidy up the place!

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