Office Cleaning

office cleaningOriginal Orkopina knows how important is keeping a neat and tidy office space for a productive day at work. When you hire us, we will dust, vacuum and clean your office so that you can have much more time to work. The office cleaning services of Original Orkopina include the following tasks. Besides these, we can offer more custom office cleaning services.

  • Dusting your desk, picture frames, window sills, and PC monitor.
  • Vacuuming your carpets and mopping your floors.
  • Disinfecting keyboards, doorknobs, and your PC mouse.
  • Getting rid of your trash and recycling.

Our cleaning professionals will not move anything or throw anything away without asking you. With over three decades of experience, Original Orkopina is the trustworthy name in the house and office cleaning business.

How to Clean a Home Office

Whether you are cleaning your office or are tidying up your work desk, Original Orkopina wishes to help keep your room clean, tidy and disinfected. Find out how to clean and organize your office from our cleaning professionals.

Offices turn into a haven for bacteria and germs. Frequently cleaning and disinfecting your work desk will help avoid sickness and overcome distractions. Use the following tips to clean dirtiest spaces in your office.

Home Office Cleaning Checklist

You can use this cleaning checklist to divvy up cleaning tasks at work or clean each spot of your office. Use this checklist for your reference when you clean your office to ensure you do not miss an area.

Cleaning Your Office

When sitting at a work desk over sustained periods, we do much more than just our work. We sneeze, cough, chew, spill and touch day in, day out. It is no wonder home offices quickly turn into a haven for microorganisms. In addition to the germs lie the mess and clutter from your lives that need to be cleaned and organized.

  • Dust

Wipe down all office surfaces with a damp piece of microfiber cloth. Remove your file folders, stapler, calendars, and other office supplies so that you can clean your desk. Do not overlook areas such as power strips behind the desk, window sills, fan blades, the top of both your monitor and photo frames.

  • Vacuum

Clean your office from top to bottom with a vacuum. You have to alternate between your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment, narrow and carpet attachments to thoroughly vacuum every single surface of your desk and office. Pay heed to the spots you have dusted, plus vacuum up dust the cloth did not capture.

  • Disinfect

Sitting at desks, we do plenty of touching, creating colonies of micro-bacteria with each mouse click, phone call and keystroke. Disinfect everything including your office phone, mouse, headset, mouthpiece, and keypad.

  • Consistency

Set a reminder in your calendar app to clean and put your desk in order, once or twice a week. An office cleaning schedule will make it more easy next time. Better yet, keep disinfectant wipes close to your office desk so that you can give all the things a fast wipe-down amid cleaning days at home.

How to Organize Your Office

Remove clutter and put your office desk in order. An organized desk will help calm your mind and organize your thoughts. As a result of doing this, your stress levels will reduce and productivity will increase.

  • Remove clutter that does not belong there. It is acceptable to have some plants, trinkets or photographs there.
  • Make a couple of “zones” at your office desk: one zone for non-computer work and the other for computer work.
  • All office desks need a place where you can keep miscellaneous, small, and occasionally useful things of trifle value. Use a file drawer or document tray for these things, rather than piling them in the corner.
  • Keep a trashcan close to your office desk to make tossing trash and recycling papers easy and efficient.
  • Use cable ties to bundle power cables together and keep these from creating a cable nest.
  • Free up space with stacking document trays, and give separation for files: one for file needing signatures, one for mail, one for documents which have to be filed, and so on.
  • Go vertical. If there is no drawer or desk space left, free it up by hanging shelves or whiteboards on the wall.

How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard

If you own a laptop, then turn off the system before you clean. Keep germs janitorial cleaningfrom spreading with the following tips for keyboard cleaning.

  • Shake it out. Of course, you may wish to do this over a recycle bin or outside your office.
  • Force the remaining food particles and dust out from inside the keys with a compressed air can.
  • If you do not have canned air, then try folding a piece of paper in half with its sticky side facing out. Collect debris by running the sticky note through the gaps on your keyboard.
  • Swipe alcohol-dipped cotton swabs between the keys of the device.
  • Spray disinfectant upon a cloth, and clean the top of your keyboard with it.

How to Clean Your Computer Screen

Give your computer screen dust-free vents to help the device keep cool, and have a smudge-free monitor to work on. If you use a laptop to work, then turn it off and clean the screen and keyboard at once.

  • Disconnect your computer screen, and clean it with a dampened microfiber cloth.
  • Get rid of dust in the monitor vents with a vacuum cleaner with its upholstery brush attached.
  • Spray glass cleaning solution on a piece of cloth and wipe the glass with it.
  • Finally, blow enough compressed air into the cracks and crevices to get rid of any remaining dust.

How to Clean a Chair

Follow these steps to clean your office chair.

  • Search for an upholstery tag to find out whether it has a symbol or something that will guide you on furniture cleaning.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to get rid of any loose debris or dust.
  • Spray an all-purpose cleaner on a microfiber cloth, and wipe down hard parts or surfaces with it.
  • If you have water-safe cushion fabric, then spot-clean it with a spray bottle filled with some drops of dishwashing soap. Use this method for cleaning plastic and mesh chairs at office.
  • To clean upholstery which is not water-safe, mix twenty drops of essential oil as well as rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Use this mixture to disinfect your cushion fabric and get rid of stains or spots.
  • To clean leather chairs, mix some drops of dishwashing soap with half a gallon of warm water. Wipe down the chair’s leather with a cloth dipped in this mix, but avoid saturating the leather. When you are done, apply a conditioner on leather to maintain it.
  • Lubricate any moving components with a spray lubricant (silicone spray will work great) or a small amount of lithium grease.

Professional Home Office Cleaning Services     

If you are working from home, your family will also appreciate an organized desk. An organized workspace will reduce distractions and will encourage productivity. So why not give the same attention to your home?

If you would rather work in a clean home office space than cleaning the remaining parts of your house, then Original Orkopina can help. If you want our home cleaning professionals to give your house the level of attention it needs, then contact us.