Living Room Cleaning

living room cleaning serviceWe spend plenty of time in living rooms, so these easily become dirty and cluttered over time. The cleaning professionals at Original Orkopina are always here to help. We clean your living room, so that you do not have to. This will help you turn your attention to other things in life. We are your one-stop destination for tips on keeping a living room clean that you need when we are not there to help you.

About Our Professional Room Cleaning Services

We start working from top to bottom and left to right for clearing cobwebs, cleaning ceiling fans and light fixtures, etc. Our team of maids then dusts blinds, coffee tables, entertainment centers and other wooden furniture items. We carefully dust your knickknacks, while avoiding breakable items you specifically tell us to leave untouched. After dusting and wiping glass surfaces, our maids remove furniture cushions and cautiously vacuum away dust or dirt settled in furniture.

Among others, we clean the following things in your living room.

  • Floors
  • Blinds
  • Window sills
  • Shelving
  • Entertainment centers
  • Coffee tables
  • Mantels
  • Other furniture
  • End tables
  • Chairs (vacuum only)
  • Couches (vacuum only)

How to Clean Your Living Room

Where to Start Decluttering?

Sometimes, your house is more cluttered than it is dirty. Objects you do not use, need or know where to put away, can accumulate fast. Even if these are clean, you may want your house to be more neat and tidy. Find out how to declutter the house and get back your space, with the following tips.

  • Think about whether you truly require an object. If you do not recall when you last used something or might not reuse it, consider discarding or donating it. If it feels and looks like junk and no one knows what to use it for, then it is junk.
  • Be sure that whenever you use an item, you store it in its place. Ensure that your family also follows this rule. An effective way to declutter your house is to just put away items abandoned by other people. If others ask you where it is, tell them that when they do not pick it up, it is gone. Reminders such as this are usually enough to start new habits at home.
  • Whenever you clean your room, save the vacuuming process for last. This makes sure that you will vacuum all the debris up that has been moved onto the floor in cleaning.

Room Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning the living room consistently is the key to keep it clean. Our team of professional maids follows a cleaning routine, making sure that all areas are as dirt-free as possible. We recommend following this simple schedule for your cleaning needs.

  • Daily: Collect everything that has accumulated during the day, and pile them up in the center of your room. Then, one by one, place these items where these belong.
  • Weekly: Dust around the living room, working top to bottom and left to right. From there on, you can proceed to clean your coffee table and other surfaces. A good time to clean your furniture with a vacuum is after dusting. Remove and rotate your sofa cushions to promote even wear and to extend their estimated lifespan.
  • Monthly: Move a furniture item and vacuum under it. Wash windows too, weather permitting. You also have to clean your furniture when necessary.
  • Yearly: You have to evaluate your room, and take care to declutter it. Dust any hard-to-reach things or areas with a ladder when needed. Another good task is to find a chance to clean a fireplace at home.

Professional Cleaning Service Just When You Require It

We have more tips for keeping your living room clean than the ones already been mentioned. With over thirty years of experience cleaning households, Original Orkopina knows that cleaning a living room once every week is the most effective means to keep it neat and tidy. If you could use an extra pair of hands, contact Original Orkopina to discuss a cleaning schedule that fits your budget and lifestyle.