Laundry Room Cleaning

Laundry Room Cleaning serviceA laundry is where the bulk of your cleaning happens, so it is no wonder that this room starts to be filthy over time. When dirty sports jerseys, cleaning rags and clothes arrive for a makeover, these leave plenty of filth behind. Original Orkopina maids know just how important it is to deep-clean your laundry room too. Find out more about our professional laundry cleaning services. Besides, our cleaning experts have some great tips for you to help keep your laundry room clean in between Original Orkopina visits.

About Our Laundry Cleaning Services

The irony of the laundry is that this room meant for cleaning clothes seldom gets the attention it deserves. It is our mission to give it just that kind of attentive service. We also give laundry room cleaning services, in addition to a host of other professional chores. You should keep this room clean. Why? Because washing clothing in a dusty and dirty laundry is like cleaning a floor with an untidy mop.

How Do Our Maids Clean a Laundry?

Our laundry cleaning service:

  • Dusts shelves and window sills.
  • Wipes out and rinses the utility sink.
  • Sanitizes and wipes down all surfaces, which include a washer and dryer combo.
  • Vacuums and mops the floor.
  • Empties the trash.

Besides these, we can offer more custom cleaning services, which fit your budget.

Laundry Cleaning Tips

Keeping a laundry neat and tidy makes it less stressful to be in control of the seemingly never-ending pile of untidy clothes. Use the following cleaning instructions to streamline your tasks in the laundry.

  • If you own a high-efficiency washing machine, then, only use HE laundry detergent to reduce lime soap accumulation.
  • Avoid waste and too much suds with a measuring cup. After all, excessive froths usually lead to too much residue.
  • If you use a front-loading washing machine, then keep its door cracked following a load to let the wash drum dry out.
  • Use distinct laundry baskets for white clothes, color clothes and delicate clothes to avoid laundry mistakes and quicken the folding.
  • Place a trash bin for lint as a constant reminder to empty the dryer each time before loading clothes.

Original Orkopina can help keep a laundry clean, but this guide on stain removal will help you keep clothes clean. This guide has step-by-step tips for handling all sorts of stains. Match a type of stain with numbers for the corresponding removal method, and follow the steps for the best outputs. Print that stain removal guide, and post it somewhere in your laundry for convenient use.

Professional House Cleaning Service Provider You Can Trust

Original Orkopina has been in the house cleaning business for more than thirty years. Millions of Americans rely on us for not just neat and tidy cleans, but they also look for tips from our cleaning experts. We have more tips for you than the ones mentioned here. From our experience, we know that cleaning a laundry room once every week is the most effective approach to keep it clean.

If you need professional help, contact us and talk about a cleaning plan that is perfect for your budget.