How to Clean your Oven

Original Orkopina maid services can offer a top-to-bottom oven cleaning as per your needs. Our professional staff can take care of all your custom cleaning requirements and make sure that every room is cleaned thoroughly. You can include oven cleaning when you call us for kitchen cleaning services. Yet if you have the time and patience to take care of it on your own, consider these techniques to get the job done appropriately.

How to Clean an Oven

You will need to scrub older stoves with ovens using commercial cleaners. The cleaning agents can be corrosive, may cause burns, and produce dangerous fumes. Therefore, you should follow all the instructions on the can carefully to apply the cleaner on the oven. You should also wear rubber gloves and eye protection when cleaning the oven. Besides, make sure that you cover all the heating elements, thermostats, and wiring of the oven using an aluminum foil so that they are not exposed to the commercial cleaner.

If you want a green alternative for oven cleaning, make a paste of baking soda with water and apply it on the inside of your stove. Let the baking soda paste sit overnight in the oven and then scrub the surface using a wet sponge. You can also use steel wool for heavily stained areas.

Some of the ovens come with a self-cleaning setting, which locks the doors and cremate the spills and splatters inside using convection heat. The powdery ash residue after the process can be removed easily using the dusting attachment of a household vacuum cleaner. Yet note that this process will heat up the entire kitchen space, so it is better to schedule the self-cleaning on a cooler day.

There are some ovens, which feature a continuous-cleaning setting as well. These ovens will have a unique finish over the oven liner, which will absorb and dilute spills and splatters. However, these ovens cannot clean larger spills, and you will have to clean them using other methods right away. If you do not get rid of the larger spills, it can burn inside the oven when you use it the next time and damage the finish on the oven liner.

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