How to Clean Coffee Maker

If you have a coffee maker machine at your home, you will need to clean it periodically to ensure that it stays stain-free and works fine. You can always have Original Orkopina professionals clean your coffee maker when you hire us for kitchen cleaning services. However, you can also take care of the coffee maker cleaning job on your own if you have a few minutes to spare for that.

How to Clean your Coffee Maker

  • Add some powdered dishwasher detergent in the coffee maker pot and run the machine with plain hot water. Allow the hot water and detergent mix to sit for at least an hour in the pot and then pour out the solution in the sink.
  • Then rinse the coffee maker pot several times with clean water so that there are no traces of detergent lingering. This will be enough to give you a clean and stain-free coffee maker for your next use.

This simple and safe method to clean your coffee maker will help to enhance the life expectancy of the machine. This requires very little time and effort, so make sure to do periodic coffee maker cleaning between the scheduled Original Orkopina house cleaning visits.

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