Kitchen Cleaning

kitchen cleaningAn avid cook or big family understands that their kitchen gets dirty quicker compared to any other room at home. Cooking a big meal frequently means one long night spent cleaning after a hard and long day at work. Original Orkopina’s professional cleaning services can help you keep the kitchen clean. See our compilation of kitchen cleaning instructions too.

About Our Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services

The kitchen requires special attention, which is precisely what a professional cleaning service provides. Every Original Orkopina maid thoroughly disinfects, cleans and shines your kitchen.

When they complete dusting, our house cleaners carefully clean your appliance surfaces, burner gates, control knobs and stove drip pans. They quickly remove splatters in your microwave and scrub the table. They wash countertops, ensuring to damp-wipe your cupboard knobs and fronts, as well as chairs and tables.

Our maids shine the surfaces, mop and vacuum the floors, which will leave your kitchen clean and fresh. Emptying dustbins and straightening chairs will add that finishing touch. Right through the whole process, we take care to treat breakable things with care. Of course, our maids consider all your personal preferences with regards to cleaning.

What Do Our Maids Clean?

  • Stove drip pans
  • Appliance surfaces
  • Control knobs
  • Burner grates
  • Countertops
  • Microwave
  • Cupboard fronts
  • Cupboard knobs
  • Tables
  • Floors
  • Chairs

How to Clean a Kitchen

Original Orkopina has years of experience cleaning residential kitchens of all kinds and sizes. Over time, we have collected some tips and tricks on kitchen cleaning. Our favorite tip is this: clean when you cook.

Coffee Maker Cleaning

You need to clean your coffee machine to have a cup of coffee that will taste better.

Dishwasher Cleaning

The key to cleaning the dishes is to occasionally clean your dishwasher.

Cleaning Stained Silver

Silver tarnishes easily. Go through our tips on simple silver cleaning.

Oven Cleaning

Reference the professional guide of Original Orkopina to keep your oven clean.

Microwave Cleaning

Nobody likes food spread thickly on the inner part of their microwave. Take a look at our instructions for cleaning it.

Kitchen Sink Cleaning

A lot occurs in the sink, so make it a point to keep it neat and clean with these instructions.

Kitchen Cleaning Schedule

Create a consistent schedule and keep your kitchen clean. Use the timetable given below to keep it neat and tidy between our maid visits.

Daily: Do the dishes and put them away, wipe the surfaces, as well as clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Weekly: You should combine the daily tasks with mopping the floor once every week. You should also do the more complicated dishwashing duties, like polishing stained silver and cleaning foggy wine glassware.

Monthly: You should make sure that all cabinets, your refrigerator and pantries are cleared of any unnecessary food and miscellaneous things. This will help keep the order of the room-temperature and cold storage areas.

Yearly: You have to deep clean the kitchen space at least once a year. Clean the back of all pantries and cabinets and the underside of your kitchen appliances. Dismantle the fridge interior to separately wash each surface, and reach the light fixtures, ceiling, and so forth. You should do this yearly cleaning chore as deep as you can. This sort of maintenance is particularly essential for this area, where you handle perishable food every day.

Trustworthy Professional Kitchen Cleaning for you

These are only some tips Original Orkopina has for you to help keep your kitchen smell fresh and clean. With over three decades of experience in house cleaning, we understand that a recurring cleaning regime is beyond comparison.

House Cleaning Help Just When you Require it

We know your spare time is precious, to say the least. For an extra pair of hands, just contact us and discuss a custom cleaning plan that is perfect for both your household and budget. This way, you will be able to spend much less time cleaning the kitchen and more time trying new recipes.