General Household Cleaning

house cleaningIt takes plenty of work to clean a house. With your busy schedule, staying on top of every cleaning task at home can be hard for you. Original Orkopina can help streamline your house cleaning drill for a more effective and efficient cleaning plan. This way, you can spend more time doing what you love to do and less time scrubbing.

About Our Residential Cleaning Services

If you hire professionals to clean your house, then you would want to know precisely what their service includes. When Original Orkopina arrives, our professionals will respectfully and carefully clean your house. We will not throw anything out or move anything without seeking your permission. If you would want, then we will use your preferred house cleaning products. Or else, we will bring our usual secret-weapon house cleaning supplies. Our staff can clean your house when you are at home or even when you are away at work.

Here is a list of the things we clean.

How We Work

Our cleaning procedure in every room starts with dusting the surfaces and ledges such as bookshelves, decorations and photo frames. Then, we wipe down all surfaces, including window sills, baseboards and other features, and all countertops with an organic cleaner. We pay attention not to damage porcelain and wood and other such sensitive surfaces. Finally, we clean the floors in every room by sweeping or vacuuming and mopping. Get in touch with your Orkopina maid to talk about a cleaning plan, which suit your requirements.

House Cleaning Tips

With over three decades of experience in the residential cleaning industry, we know things about cleaning a house. We love helping other people learn about the best practices in residential cleaning. Here are some tips and tricks on effectively cleaning your house, from the experts.

Tips to Clean Hardwood Surfaces

By following the simple tips shared here, you will be able to clean hardwood floors easily and quickly.

Tips to Clean Window Sills

These tips will help you clean your window tracks and sills with ease.

Tips to Clean Baseboards

You need not get a backache scrubbing the baseboards. Follow the simple tips shared here.

Tips to Clean Ceramic Tiles

Our expert tips will help you understand how to make your grout and tile floors look great.

Cleaning Safety

Safety is important in cleaning as cleaning a house is a real hard work.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Our tips and tricks can help you keep the air inside your home clean and free of allergens.