Bathroom Cleaning

The bath is one of the most-used rooms at any home. Owing to this, it can be one of the toughest places to keep clean. Steam from your shower and sink provides the right atmosphere for dust, soap and spotty mirrors. Original Orkopina will help reduce germs and keep your bath clean.

About Bathroom Cleaning Service

As part of the house cleaning services we offer, Original Orkopina maids clean all surfaces in your bath. This includes window blinds, sills, baseboards, and more. Our professionals scrub and remove soap from your shower, tile, grout and tub. We then focus on your sink by cleaning your vanity, countertops, and mirror to remove toothpaste, water spots and buildup.

Most significantly, we clean the whole toilet to a thorough degree. We complete the exercise by vacuuming your bath mats and mopping the floor to get rid of debris and hair. We even make a special effort by polishing towel holders, faucets and drain caps. We clean tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, floors, baseboards, mirrors, blinds and more.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Original Orkopina has years of experience cleaning baths of all sizes and types. Over that time, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge about ways to properly clean a bathroom. These tips will also help your bath stay clean and organized between more in-depth cleans.

How to Clean your Bath

  • Keep a vacuum near your bath, and give rugs and floor a quick cleaning each day.
  • Following your shower in the morning, clean the glass as well as remove water spots with a small squeegee.
  • Keep a fresh candle or some potpourri in your bath for a good smell.
  • Place nylon netting on top of the drain in your shower or tub to significantly reduce hair clogs.
  • Continue to sanitize wipes near your sink and swiftly wipe off the sink, faucet and countertops between cleaning activities.

How to Clean your Shower Curtain

Avoid throwing out that shower liner and plastic curtain!

How to Clean your Toilet

It is no surprise that this is everybody’s least preferred bathroom cleaning chore.

How to Clean Your Showerhead

Remove hard water buildups in your showerhead to restore the water pressure in you bathroom shower.

How to Clean your Bathroom Mirror

Just follow the tips to make the bathroom mirror better immediately.

How to Clean a Shower Glass

Use those tips to remove mineral deposits and water spots from your shower glass.

How to Clean Bathroom Ceramic Tile

The dingy tile can make your entire bathroom seem unclean.

How to Clean Your Bathtub

Use those cleaning tips to get rid of soap, mold and mildew.

bathroom cleaning checklistBathroom Cleaning Checklist

It is easy to miss certain cleaning chores in the bath. Go through our bath cleaning checklist to make sure you are hitting all the essential areas. Our goal is to help you keep a comfortable and clean environment that you will be proud to call home, whether this means cleaning your bath or giving you tips to help you get it done yourself.

Bath Cleaning Schedule

  • Daily: Following each shower, use your squeegee to prevent water spots on the walls. In addition to that, keep a handheld vacuum cleaner to use on your floors daily.
  • Weekly: Once a week, combine the aforementioned tasks with an in-depth cleaning of your tub/shower, surfaces and toilet. Mop the floor once per week.
  • Monthly: Once a month, make it a point to organize closets and cabinets in your bathroom. This helps keep an easy order in these storage areas.
  • Yearly: With frequent maintenance, a bath should not need a deep clean once a year. Yearly tasks to do include taking down your blinds and giving these a soak in your cleaner, and washing the same in cool water. You also have to clean the grilles or vents of your exhaust fan using the upholstery brush of your vacuum.

A Trustable Name in Professional House Cleaning

These are only some tips Original Orkopina has for keeping your bathroom clean. With over three decades of experience, we know that cleaning a bath weekly is the most effective means to keep it clean.

What Else Can Our Professionals Help you Clean?

Original Orkopina knows that your time for household chores is very little. Between work and children as well as constant running around, you will not want to spend your weekends cleaning mirrors and scrubbing toilets. Get in touch with Original Orkopina to discuss a custom cleaning plan, which is perfect for your budget and schedule.